Joseph Alleman

Joseph Alleman
Utah painter Joseph Alleman works in both watercolor and oil, though watercolor seems to be his primary medium.

Many painters in watercolor seek to take advantage of the transparent brilliance it makes possible, resulting in lots of high-chroma watercolors. Alleman takes a different track, seeking in watercolor its delicate and subtle qualities, variation in soft and hard edges and finessed value relationships.

Alleman’s quiet evocations of the plains — farms and fields, houses and small towns — resonate with keen observation and a deft touch for capturing subtle changes in light. There is also in his work a consistent sense of the geometry in his compositions, at times reducing landscapes to a fairly strong level of abstraction.

Unfortunately, the images on his website are smaller than you might hope for; there are somewhat larger ones on the sites of some of the galleries in which he is represented (links below). The selections on his site, however, are more extensive. Look for the link to “View Archived Works“.

[Suggestion courtesy of Kan Muftic]