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The Tale of How book rereleased

The Tale of How book, Ree Tweweek
Since 2006, I’ve been following the fascinatingly idiosyncratic work of South African artist and illustrator Ree Treweek.

Treweek, along with animator/filmmaker Jannes Hendrikz and composer Marcus Smit, are collectively known as The Blackheart Gang.

The group achieved notice for their deliriously quirky and beautiful animated short The Tale of How. They went from there to doing wonderfully odd television commercials as part of the production company Shy the Sun.

Back in 2009, there was announcement of the upcoming publication of a Tale of How book, lush with fantastical images, the actual release of which I somehow missed, and the book quickly sold out.

The Blackheart gang just announced a second edition of the Tale of How book is now available from their website (though probably not for long).

There is also a series Tale of How prints, images of which I’ve used as examples of the book, above. I haven’t seen the actual book, but I’m assuming the same images, or similarly delightful ones, are included.

The website does not provide much purchase information, but if you send an email to the address provided on the book page, they will get back to you with an order form and details.

The signed edition is available for US$60, GBP40, ZAR600 (plus postage); and the regular edition is US$45, GBP30, ZAR450 (plus postage, which will, of course, vary depending on the destination, the book is shipped from South Africa). I don’t know about the price and availability of the prints, but you can enquire at the same email address. Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card and additional means.

I’ll also point out that there are other treasures to be discovered by digging through the Blackheart Gang website. You might start with the index on Works by Medium and/or The Tale of How short.

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