Sylvain Coutouly

Sylvain Coutouly, Sylve, concept art, Below
Sylvain Coutouly, AKA “Slyve”, is a concept artist for the gaming industry, based in Toronto and currently working for Capy.

Beyond that, I can’t find much in the way of bio or credits. His web presence is a portfolio on ArtStation and a blog.

I’m unsure how much of the look of his recent work is influenced by the particular project on which he is currently working, “Below”, but in the work on his online portfolio, he makes wonderful use of color, light and suggestion, to pull seemingly intricate scenes from sparely rendered details and pools of interest within largely dark compositions.

Everything about his compositions — the atmosphere, depth, scale and apparent level of detail — is accomplished with deft suggestion. He leaves much of the scene to be filled in by the viewer’s imagination as the edges of the area of primary interest lead off into dimmer spaces, modulated with subtle touches of light and color.

[Via Concept Art World]