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Alina Chau (update)

Alina Chau, illustration
Alina Chau is a painter, illustrator and animation artist whose whimsical images are rendered in lively applications of watercolor.

Her work includes elements of children’s book illustration, concept design, naturalistic painting, stylized design elements and the influence of traditional Chinese ink painting. I particularly enjoy the way she incorporates design elements, textures and patterns into her images, often in way that suggests movement.

Since I last wrote about Chau in 2006, she has added to her online presence with a new website and a revised and expanded blog, and has engaged in several new projects.

Her website includes galleries of illustration, storyboards, gallery art and sketches. You can also find additional work, professional and personal, on her blog, Ice Cream Monster Toon Cafe, and on other online portfolios, linked below.

There are several interviews with Chau, linked from her website, some of which include tools and techniques.


4 responses to “Alina Chau (update)”

  1. I really like these! They’re really cute.. Are they acutually published in childrens books?

  2. Oh love this fun and colorful energy! Beautiful and enchanting pieces right here!

  3. great. it reminds me of the disney movie aladdin.