Kim Parkhurst

Kim Parkhurst, Houndton Tabby
Kim Parkhurst is a Massachussetts based illustrator who loves to paint animals, whether in childrens’ book style illustrations or as anthropomorphized versions of particular individuals.

In her anthropomorphized animal portraits, she attempts to capture the personality of the individual with her selection of an appropriate animal, usually cats and dogs.

A particular series of these, for which she has received a good bit of attention, is her series of Downton Abbey characters, which she calls “Houndton Tabby”. For those like me who are not regular watchers of the series, the Daily Mail has a side by side comparison with photos of the characters.

She also has other animal/character portraits, including David Bowie and Sherlock and Watson from their current British incarnation.

Parkhust doesn’t appear to have a dedicated website for her work; there is a portfolio of images on the Splendid Toad Art Farm, where you can also sort posts for “art“, and an Etsy shop where she goes by the handle “Toadbriar”.

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