Alfred Parsons

Alfred Parsons
Alfred Parsons was a British landscape painter, illustrator and botanical artist, active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

His sensitivity to the nuances of natural forms and colors is particularly evident in his evocative portrayals of flowering trees in spring. Parsons also brought his artistic sensibilities and botanical knowledge to garden design.

In addition to oil, parsons was adept with watercolor and gouache, as well as various drawing media. The Royal Academy of Arts has a nice collection of his drawings in pen and ink and pencil, including illustrations and illuminated letters.

Many of the usual online art portfolios give Parsons short shrift; the best overall selection I’ve found is on BBC Your Paintings. There are large images on the Tate and Philadelphia Museum of Art sites, and several high-res zoomable image on Bonham’s and the other auction sites (links below).


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