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Agim Sulaj, realist paintings, editorial illustrations and cartoons
Originally from Albania and now based in Itally, Agim Sulaj is a realist painter who also does award-winning editorial cartoons and illustrations.

The galleries on the artist’s website are divided between paintings and illustrations and cartoons. Sulaj’s paintings are in oil and often large in scale; his illustrations and cartoons are in acrylic, tempera and drawing media.

His paintings sometimes have almost blank backgrounds, and at other times are richly textural, particularly his portrayals of youth in the form of young boys playing, fishing, and often confronting obstacles. There are gallery paintings with a narrative element that seem to cross over into the territory of his editorial work, with suggestions of social commentary within the context of the painting. Unfortunately, the photography and reproduction of the paintings is uneven.

You can find additional cartoons and illustrations on Cartoon Movement. There is a brief bio on Wikipedia that appears to be machine translated from another language; there is a better one on Saatchi Art

[Suggestion courtesy of James Gurney]


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