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Luigi Marchione, concept art, set design, digital plein air
Luigi Marchione is an Italian concept artist, stage set designer and art director who brings to his work a wonderful feeling of Renaissance and Baroque art.

Though he sometimes works in traditional media — such as soft pastel, charcoal and graphite powder on prepared paper — the majority of the pieces are digital painting done in Photoshop and Painter, including a number of examples of digital plein air painting.

I particularly enjoy his beautiful interiors — rich with the feeling of interiors by the Dutch and Italian Baroque masters, filled with light and texture that, on closer examination, are briefly noted and masterfully suggested.

To me, he appears to have a particular admiration for Dutch interiors, like those of Pieter de Hooch, which comes through in compositions in which doors open into additional rooms and spaces, each with its own character of light.

Marchione’s practice of digital location painting informs his concept art and set designs, giving them an immediate, naturalistic feeling — even those in which he evokes the character of past centuries.


2 responses to “Luigi Marchione”

  1. Pat Achilles Avatar
    Pat Achilles

    Just gorgeous, thanks for featuring this. His spaces are theatrical, cavernous, yet lushly detailed.

  2. His set pieces are really beautiful. Thank you!