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Mark A. Nelson
Mark A. Nelson is an illustrator, comics artist, concept artist and art director. He has worked for Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Kitchen Sink Press, Wizards of the Coast, TSR and many other publishers, as well as gaming and visual development companies like Raven Software, Sega Games and Pure Imagination Studios.

Nelson has a graphic style, largely in pen and ink, that emphasizes beautifully effective line work and linear textures. In addition to his confident drawing style, the linear character of his work gives it a particular visual appeal that owes much, I think, to his background as a printmaker. The lines are controlled, emphasized and varied in weight in a way that gives the renderings a wonderful surface character.

Many of the pieces on his website appear to be for personal projects, or just the fun of sketching — and they are a treat. Nelson seems to have a endless array of imaginative creatures, drawn from a fascination with natural forms.

I particularly enjoy his ink drawings on toned paper, which are highlighted with what I take to be touches of white chalk or pastel, and perhaps gouache. Nelson also works in color, and you can sometimes find the same piece in both a monochrome and later color stage.

You can also find his work on his deviantART gallery.
There is a short video interview with the artist on YouTube.

There are several print collections of Nelson’s work available from his website store.

Nelson is married to painter and illustrator Anita C. Nelson; they share the Grazing Dinosaur Press studio and website.

[Note: some of the images on the linked sites should be considered NSFW.]


5 responses to “Mark A. Nelson”

  1. Lovely. Great. Thank you, Charlie.

  2. Love Mark’s work, thanks Charley!

  3. Mark, you are one of the greats, as far as I’m concerned. So much technical skill combined with humor and intelligence. Curse you. You raise the bar so high.

  4. Patricia Hung Avatar
    Patricia Hung

    Mark is also a FABULOUS TEACHER! I was constantly amazed at what he managed to pull out of me. He pushed me to the edge, and there were times I wanted to ‘thwack’ him real good, but he was always patient and encouraging and he seasoned all his lessons with a liberal dose of humor. A true joy to learn from.

    1. Thanks for the personal take, Patricia. Not surprising that Mark is a great teacher, but good to know!