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Steven Assael (update)

Steven Assael
Steven Assael is a well-known figurative painter based in New York who I first wrote about in 2009. His subjects range from straightforward portrait and figure painting to varying levels of implied narrative. All are handled with a painterly finesse, subdued palette, subtle value relationships and a foundation of superb draftsmanship.

The latter is also evident in Assael’s drawings — largely in graphite or chalk — in which he demonstrates a confident combination of gesture and careful observation.

Assael has a repeated theme of weddings, brides and their gowns, though I haven’t come across an artist’s statement that gives any background on his choice of subjects.

There is a video of Assael drawing and discussing his process on YouTube, as well as some other videos. Daniel Maidman has written a rather poetic description of Assael’s painting process on Huffington Post.

Assael teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the New York Academy of Art. There is a student blog related to his classes.

Steven Assael’s work will be on view in a solo show, Steven Assael:New Paintings and Drawings at the Forum Gallery in New York, from November 12 to December 31, 2015. There is also a portfolio of his work on the gallery’s website.


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  1. To work from live models is a luxury! But he’s worth it.