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Eye Candy for Today: Frederic Remington’s Small Oaks

Small Oaks, Frederic Remington
Small Oaks, Frederic Remington

Link is to a zoomable version on Google Art Project; the original is in the Frederic Remington Art Museum, which only has reproductions of their collection in their store.

We usually associate 19th century painter Frederic Remington with his depictions of the American West, cowboys, Native Americans and historical subjects.

It’s rare (for me at least) to come across this kind of directly observed landscape, rendered with the kind of painterly aplomb more commonly associated with the American Impressionists.

Small Oaks, Google Art Project


5 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Frederic Remington’s Small Oaks”

  1. Thanks, Charley.
    I have quite a few of his works in my Google Art collection, mostly selected for his paint handling, and draftsmanship, no matter what the subject. I hadn’t seen this piece. Quite a gem, for the reasons you described, and also, quite an inviting looking camp.


  2. Steve Gilzow Avatar
    Steve Gilzow

    Thanks for introducing me to this painting. Wonderful lights and darks. Reminds me of one of my favorite watercolors by Sargent, A Tent in the Rockies.

  3. I immediately thought of Sargent’s painting as well!

  4. Been a long time since I saw this (internet image of it, I mean). One of my favorites of his. Thanks.

  5. Barbara Percy Avatar
    Barbara Percy

    I just picked up the Jigsaw Puzzle of this art work for 25 cent at a 2nd hand store and wanted to know more about the artist and this painting. Thank you for this information. It sure was a difficult puzzle for 3 of us to put together but I love the painting! Barbara in Morrisville, Vermont