Artem “Rhads” Chebokha

Artem Rhads Chebokha
Most of us have at some point enjoyed laying back and watching cloud formations in which it is easy to see shapes that look like ships, dogs, hills, oceans, dragons and more.

Artem Chebokha — who also goes by the handle, “Rhads” — is a digital artist based in Omsk, Russian Federation. Chebokha has taken the notion of seeing things in clouds and carried it out as a theme for a series of digital paintings — distilling skies full of clouds into a variety of forms. Some are overtly fantasy, some more naturalistic and others in between.

You can find these and other themes on his galleries on Behance and deviantART. He also has a presence on Instagram and the Russian social media site, VK. You can find prints of his work on society6.