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Mother, animaged short
Mother is a touching and beautifully realized animated short (5 minutes) about the weight of maintaing a family and household.

The film, done in a Japanese influenced style [correction: I’m told the style is Korean], was made by a group of third-year students at Sheridan College.

The group, led by Stephanie Chew, calls themselves Studio Kokorosh. (For full credits, please see the Vimeo page.) They have a blog with concept art and preliminary images as well as screenshots from the film.

Mother has been nominated for Best Student Film for the Annie Awards, and the group is currently trying to crowdfund a trip to the awards presentation.

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3 responses to “Mother

  1. Did you mean Korean influenced style? It’s obviously a Korean story and the style doesn’t really have any distinct Japanese attributes.

    1. Corrected. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful view of Moulins! Truly one of life’s great beauties.
    Happy painting from