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Ian Hargreaves

Ian Hargreaves, landscapes, cityscapes
Ian Hargreaves is an English painter who has lived in Italy and Germany, as well as the UK.

His landscapes and cityscapes, often sun-splashed or dappled in shade, show the influence of his affection for Mediterranean subjects.

Though you can’t see it in the small preview images above, his approach is often brusquely textural, giving a visceral touch to his weathered walls, worn pavement, seaside rocks and rough-barked trees.

I’m particularly drawn to his use of contrasts of sunlight and shadow, both in urban and woodland settings.

[Via Making a Mark]


2 responses to “Ian Hargreaves”

  1. I absolutely love your paintings! There are two that especially appeal to me. The first one on this page…house front with blue accents and clothesline and the other house front with the cat at the window. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration.

  2. so beautiful especially the 1, 9, 11 and 12.