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Bill Vrscak, watercolor
Bill Vrscak is a watercolor painter and illustrator based in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

He has a wonderfully appealing combination of solid draftsmanship and crisp but free application of color.

I particularly enjoy his paintings that incorporate large areas of open space, which he expertly uses to guide your eye through his composition.

On his website you’ll find galleries of landscapes, streetscapes, dockside and portrait subjects, as well as a selection of illustrations.

Vrscak conducts workshops in the western Pennsylvania region.


3 responses to “Bill Vrscak”

  1. Great painter. I love watercolor 🙂

  2. Satish Do Avatar

    Very nice water colour printing.

  3. Bill,
    This is Beth from the Nelson Eddy convention, and I went to your website and was so impressed with your art; you are a master of
    watercolor painting. I wish I could afford to buy one your pieces, but, alas, even if I could, there is no room on my wall, which are covered with art. Every room.

    Maybe I will see your art in a gallery in California somday.

    Keep doing your wonderful work.

    Say hello to your beautiful wife Marlene.