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Charles Joseph Grips

Charles Joseph Grips, Dutch interior paintings
Charles Joseph Grips was a Dutch born painter who spent much of his career in Belgium. Grips was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but his subject matter of quiet domestic interiors carries forward the flavor of Dutch genre painting of the 17th century.

Some of his compositions are particularly in the vein of De Hooch’s marvelous interiors, inviting you back into spaces beyond the foreground room.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many images of Grips’ works online, and only a few of those are reasonably large. Those that are, however, reveal that his interiors (like those of William Merritt Chase) also work beautifully as still life paintings.


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  1. Ælle Avatar

    Also known as Carel Jozeph Grips.

    1. Thanks, Ælle.