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Akiya Kageichi

Japanese illustrator Akiya Kageichi , Golden Gravel
Japanese illustrator Akiya Kageichi, who also goes by the handle “Golden Gravel” draws nicely complex line and color compositions that often appear layered, or have a collage-like character to their arrangement.

His interesting use of fine line, color, texture and pattern give your eye a lot to play with as you wander through his images.

His website is a Tumblr gallery (note the second page of images), that doesn’t anything in the way of bio information.

To my eye, he appears to take some inspiration from Golden Age European illustrators like Kay Nielsen and Harry Clarke.

[Via Hi-Fructose]


4 responses to “Akiya Kageichi”

  1. Creative Channel Avatar
    Creative Channel

    Please watch Beautiful Young Lady Paintings (200 Years Old)

  2. Melissa Avatar

    Definitely saw Kay Nielsen immediately, but I also for some reason (staging? wealth of textures and patterns?) went to Gustav Klimt. Talented artist, thanks for sharing these.

  3. Lorette Avatar

    “unpredictable, stimulating and startling”
    The winner is David Nash’ Big Black.

  4. Max G Avatar
    Max G

    Does anyone know if Kageishi has some kind of online store? I really love this work! I also noticed on his twitter some pages with panels and text bubbles. Does anyone know if he illustrates comics or manga? Thanks!