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Cindy Procious

Cindy Procious
Cindy Procious is a Tennessee based painter who paints portrait, figurative and still life subjects in a refined style that speaks to her admiration for the 17th century Dutch masters.

She often presents her still life subjects, in particular, in the kind of deep chiaroscuro favored for classic northern painting. She works in the kind of layered glazes characteristic of the classical method.

For her incisive portraits, Procious combines her classical style with a contemporary feel and a variety of composition approaches.

On her website, you will also find portrait drawings in charcoal.

Procious teaches workshops, the next one of which is in Ashburn Virginia, beginning June 24, 2016. There are some short painting demo videos on her site and on YouTube.

Procious is married to editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett.


4 responses to “Cindy Procious”

  1. Really beautiful. I especially like the lighter background still life and portrait works because her great control of the values infuses them with a soft etherial light. Equally special are the subtle flares of light/color emanating from the lit side of some of the objects in her still life’s, as in the top image here, which show up well on her website.

  2. Exceptional.

  3. Martin Hoade Avatar
    Martin Hoade

    She seems to have mastered the feat of painting calmness. Which gives you very still still lifes.

  4. Today I met her Dutch counterpart Bart Schoonenberg in a magazine Residence june 2016.
    Willem Kalf was his biggest kind of thing.
    Don’t miss out on him.