Marc Bohne

Marc Bohne is a landscape painter, landscape paintings
Marc Bohne is a landscape painter originally from Texas and currently based in Seattle, Washington.

I’ve admired his work on the web for a number of years, and had it bookmarked for inclusion on Lines and Colors, and I’m frankly surprised I haven’t featured him before now.

Bohne is wonderfully skillful in his depictions of foliage and other landscape elements as masses of value and color, using suggestion, finessed control of edges and just enough texture and detail to have your eye fill in the rest as naturalistic.

Many of his compositions are atmospheric, both in terms of planes of distance and in terms of emotional resonance.

Bohne’s style appears to be a natural match for the subdued, atmospheric beauty of Ireland, a country he has visited three times, and a collected group of his paintings of the Irish landscape will be on view in a new solo show at the Magnuson Park Gallery in Seattle, starting with an opening reception tomorrow, October 23 from 2-5PM, and running to December 17, 2016. There are additional details on his website.

There is a preview of work from the show on his website (also images above, top six) and a brief video preview on YouTube.

Bohne also has a blog on which he discusses concepts of interest relative to his painting experience.


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  1. I have admired your work for years. First took a picture of one of your prints at a gallery on the coast of Oregon. After I saw more of your work online I did a short morning class for our plein air group featuring composition and darks and light using examples of your work.

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