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Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1)
Mario Martinez, who also is known by the handle MARS-1, is a painter based in New York who uses exacting representational techniques to paint imaginary objects and spaces.

His compositions are often elaborate arrangements of geometric and pseudo-biological forms, intricately detailed and rendered with a palpable dimensionality. They sometimes encompass fantastical landscapes and suggestions of other worldly realms.

His website gallery doesn’t consistently list sizes, but there are occasionally photographs of the work in gallery settings, or in progress, that let you get an impression of their size, which — as you might expect — is frequently large.

There are also some process videos on his site, as well as on YouTube, that show the scale of the pieces.

Martinez works in traditional media. Though the site also does not consistently list medium, my assumption is that most of his pieces are done in acrylic.

Many of the paintings on his site are available as limited edition giclée prints.

Martinez also creates sculpture and dimensional pieces as well as murals and other projects. He sometimes does paintings in collaboration with other painters, such as this painting, done in collaboration with visionary painter Alex Grey.


2 responses to “Mario Martinez ( MARS-1)”

  1. I’m still trying to work out why I found myself smiling: guess I just enjoyed the art!

  2. Wow! These are spectacular! I think he is a superb colorist! Just . . . wow!