Anton Pieck (update)

Anton Pieck illustrations
Anton Pieck was Dutch illustrator, printmaker and gallery artist active in the early to mid 20th century. I first wrote about him on Lines and Colors in 2010; since then new online sources for his images have come to light — in particular, a dedicated Anton Pieck website.

The site is in Dutch, but you can find his work easily under the menus at top for “Zijn werk“.

Pieck worked in an illustration style more in keeping with the “Golden Age” illustrators who preceded him, giving his work a nostalgic visual charm. I particularly enjoy his handling of architectural elements and natural forms like bare winter trees.

For more, see my previous post on Anton Pieck.

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2 Replies to “Anton Pieck (update)”

  1. Thank hi for this information. I am desperately searching for images for coloring from Anton Pieck. His illustrations would make a ‘world class’ coloring book for adults. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you again. Jan

    1. Hi Jan. Unfortunately, as charming as Peck’s work looks, it’s more modern than it appears. Anton Pieck did not die until 1987, so his work has not passed into public domain, and is still likely to be under copyright.

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