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Illustrators’ drawing tables on Frizzi Frizzi

Drawing Tables: Desks of Illustrators on Frizzi Frizzi
I love to see other artists’ workspaces. This is part curiosity, part searching for useful storage ideas and part reassurance that my floor-to-ceiling amalgam of papers, pens, brushes, jars, containers, books, magazines, computer screens, tablets, disks, trays, pans, tubes, racks, bric-a-brac and dinosaur models is not an aberration.

The italian site Frizzi Frizzi has an article reposting photos of a number of illustrators’ workspaces as collected by Davide Cali.

Some are full of the stuff of traditional media, some are all-digital, many are set up to accommodate both. Some are remarkably spare, others crammed with materials, most are somewhere in between.

These are primarily European illustrators, but the article also serves as a nice jumping off point to explore their work, as a link is provided to the work of each illustrator under the photo of their workspace.

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[Via Mattias Adolfsson]