Vladimir Kush (update)

Vladimir Kush, surreal, butterfly ship
Vladimir Kush is a Russian painter now living in the US, who I first wrote about in 2007.

Kush paints in a style derived from Surrealism, but that might more correctly be thought of as Magic Realism.

Since my last post, his website has been expanded with additional work, but it has also become more overtly commercialized, with an emphasis on prints, limited editions, and a series of brick and mortar galleries (perhaps following in the tradition of Thomas Kinkade).

Despite the commercial emphasis, I still find Kush interesting and fun, with clever juxtapositions of commonplace objects casting them into alternate meanings and roles.

He often explores repeated themes, most notably that of butterflies, and his most recognizable work is the butterfly-sail ship shown above, middle.

His website offers relatively small images, presented in a pop-up-and-close fashion that is not conducive to extended browsing. You may find it easier to browse through the larger images in some of the third-party articles linked below for an overview, and then come back to his site for more depth and additional images.