Daniel Merriam (update)

David Merriam, fantastical architectural dreamscapes
Danial Merriam is an artist I first wrote about in 2012, who is known for his fantastical architectural dreamscapes.

Merriam draws on his background in architectural and commercial illustration to inform his architecture-themed imaginings with nuanced geometric solidity, somewhat in the tradition of capriccio popular in the 18th and 19th centuries (see my posts on Piranesi).

His compositions also incorporate figures, animals and other natural forms — as well as crescent moons with faces and other children’s fantasy elements — all woven into intricate, complex scenes that are presented in a way that makes them feel a bit like stage sets from an alternate universe.

Given the fascinating details Merriam appears to incorporate into his work, it’s surprising and a bit disappointing that there aren’t larger images, or at least detail crops, on his website.

You can find more images on the sites of the galleries in which he is represented, AFA NYC and his own Bubble Street Gallery. Those on the latter are somewhat larger and more numerous (note the numbered links to subsequent pages at the bottom of the gallery pages).

Merriam’s work will be on display in shows at both galleries in December.

The Bubble Street Gallery in Sausalito, CA features Merriam’s work on a regular basis, and the AFA Gallery, NYC has a solo show “Earthly Delights and Other Side Effects of Dreaming” that is on display now through December 30, 2016, with an artist’s reception December 10, 6-8pm; and a book signing December 11, 12-2pm.

The recent collection of Merriam’s work Built on Dreams Alone is available through the AFA Gallery store.

An older volume, The Art of Daniel Merriam: The Impetus of Dreams is available used through Amazon.

[Show notice via Spectrum Fantastic Art]


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