Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande, paintings of decaying architectural interiors
Italian painter Matteo Massagrande finds fascination in the colors and textures of worn, apparently abandoned architectural interiors. These often open to glimpses of landscapes or seascapes beyond, and his secondary subject appears to be trees that are as contorted as the deliberately askew perspective in many of his rooms.

In some of his interior compositions, there is a suggestion of a collision of worlds, as though the room in the foreground and that seen through a door are in different colliding realities. Massagrande often takes on complex patterns of floor tiling or even faded ornate wallpapers.

Though his work appears photorealistic, in some of the larger images on the website of his gallery representatives, Shine Artists, London, you can see suggestions of more painterly handling, particularly in the presentation of trees and foliage. (Click on the main images in his gallery to pop up larger versions in an overlay.)

Some of the paintings are smaller than you might think; the one shown above, bottom (with detail) is only 9 x 13 inches (23 x 33 cm), though most are larger than that.

I’m not certain, but I believe Massagrande’s portfolio on Artsy is his primary web presence.