Eye Candy for Today: WH Millais’ Hayes Common

Hayes Common, William Henry Millais
Hayes Common, William Henry Millais

In the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, which has both zoomable and downloadable files. There is also a zoomable file on Google Art Project, and a downloadable file of that image, which is slightly larger and more colorful, on Wikimedia Commons.

William Henry Millais, the elder brother of John Everett Millais, and also part of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, was known for his paintings in watercolor and gouache.

The center’s website lists the medium for this work as “oil on canvas”, but I think that’s a mislabeling.


5 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: WH Millais’ Hayes Common

  1. Indeed, it is so masterly painted and then there is that old -looking girl who doesn’t even cast a shadow. Is she painted afterwards, maybe by somebody else?

  2. Hayes Common was rejected by the Royal Academy – probably because the more conservative members of the Academy disliked the bright greens of Pre-Raphaelite landscape painting – and William Henry Millais seems to have been discouraged. At any rate, he never painted anything so ambitious again.
    I love the painting as it is. Preferably with Riding Hood out of it.

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