8 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: Sargent’s portrait of Mrs. Hammersly”

  1. wow, that’s quite the tiny waist on this lady. Maybe she’s wearing an incredible corset and has trained for years, or perhaps she asked Mr. Artist to do the equivalent of a Photoshop job?

  2. I never thought I could possibly question a Sargent, but is the shadow from the nose too dark? If the light is coming from the sitter’s left side (or from above), shouldn’t the other shadows be darker to match the value of the nose’s shadow? I find it a problem because it gives the effect that the nose is more turned to the sitter’s right than the rest of the face.

  3. Hmmm. Possible, perhaps, but I think it’s difficult to reliably judge the value and color relationships of a painting from a photograph on the web, even a relatively large one. A lot of museum photos are terribly off. The Met’s are usually pretty good, but not superb.

  4. A masterly painting, and along the same lines, may I suggest Augustus John’s portrait of Madame Suggia? It should be in the Tate, but has been on loan to the British Embassy in Athens for quite a few years. You can see it on the Tate website, but there are many images of it.

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