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Edward Wilkins Waite

Edward Wilkins Waite, 19th century English landscape paintings
English landscape painter Edward Wilkins Waite was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Waite focused on landscapes, most of which were painted in his and around Surrey, where he was born. His landscapes are often painted in gentle overcast light, using an appealing muted palette and with an emphasis on texture.

His compositions often present a large foreground tree on one side, balanced out by a view in deep perspective on the other, giving the viewer an invitation to move into the scene.

I enjoy the sense of tactile definition he gives to his foreground trees, which frequently grab your initial attention and provide an entry point to the painting.


2 responses to “Edward Wilkins Waite”

  1. I somehow have never come across Waite, thanks Charley. As you say, the deep perspective, atmospheric perspective is just one of the best. The textual qualities, variation in edges, variation in paint application, design is all top-notch. He squeezes a lot out of a muted palette and his full palette just screams with vibrancy.
    This is what I love about Lines and Colors. Painters next to comic artists next to classical drawing next to illustrators and so on. Historical next to contemporary.
    Love the recent W. Heath Robinson post BTW.

  2. I love your posts , Charley, and also enjoy finding out about the artists’ background.
    E.W. was the second son of 8 siblings (of a dissenting minister, the Rev. Edward Waite, MA) The family was very artistic and musically gifted.
    At twenty he went to Canada to work as a lumberjack. The sketchbook survives.