George Vicat Cole

George Vicat Cole
Victorian era painter George Vicat Cole was the middle of three generations of painters; his father, George Cole, and his son, Rex Vicat Cole, were both painters of note. His daughter, Mary Blanch Cole, was also an artist, but I’ve been unable to find any information about her online.

George Vicat Cole was noted for his English landscapes, mostly of the countryside in southeastern England, but also occasionally of London and its surrounds.

Some of his paintings with figures can feel a bit artificial, but others are more naturalistic and feel directly observed. There is a particular delight, I think, in the textures of foliage, tree trunks and rocks, and the play of light on distant hills and fields.

I’m uncertain if some of his father’s work may be mixed in with his in some of the online sources, as their styles are similar.


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  1. As an artist turned landscape architect, I wondered why Rex used common names in the text without the accompanying botanical taxonomy. Perhaps to appeal to the art student more than botanist? Makes sense.


  2. Yes, Bill. I think the book was pretty squarely aimed at art students, as you suggest. There may even have been a thought that the inclusion of scientific nomenclature might make it seem less so.

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