Simon Palmer

Simon Palmer, English landscapes in watercolor, gouache and ink
Simon Palmer is an English landscape painter who has a fascinating approach somewhere between naturalistic and quite stylized.

He appears to slightly compress both linear and atmospheric perspective, giving an impression of flatness the belies the textures he gives to his foliage and tree forms.

This is emphasized by his muted palette, primarily consisting of earth colors and low chroma greens. He paints in watercolor with additions of gouache and pen and ink.

His approach seems particularly well suited to his subjects of tree-lined country lanes, estate entrances, and those edges where wooded and developed areas meet.

I can’t find a dedicated web presence for Palmer, but I believe he is officially represented by JHW Fine Art.

There are somewhat larger images on the Portland Gallery website.

There is a collection of his work, The Art of Simon Palmer, that was published in the UK in 2011, but I don’t know how easy is is to order from the U.S.


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