Danielle Richard

Danielle Richard, figuresatve paintings in oil, acrylic and pastel
Danielle Richard is an artist from Quebec, Canada who works in oil, acrylic and pastel.

Her subjects are primarily young women in pastoral scenes, along shorelines or in idyllic views of small boats or canoes on lakes.

Though there isn’t an overt similarity, her work reminds me of the sensibilities of some of the Pre-Raphaelite painters in the attention to nature, fascination with value relationships and the presentation of beauty.

Her website is available both in English and French, and her blog, though in French, is easy enough for non-French speakers to browse. There is a short interview with Richard on The Art Edge (part 2 here).

There is something gently dreamlike about Richard’s paintings, as though evoking those special little moments in time when it dawns on you — somewhat to your surprise — that everything at that moment is perfect.