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Igor Sava, watercolor cityscape Italy
Originally from Kotovsk, Russia, and now based in Rome, Igor Sava is a watercolor painter who focuses on cityscapes in his adopted country.

Sava’s approach combines deft control of edges with the visual charm of freely mixed washes. His architectural subjects carry a feeling of atmosphere and light, as well as the textures of their materials.

On his website, you will find a gallery of paintings, as well as smaller galleries of watercolor figure sketches and imaginative subjects.

There is a brief YouTube video of Sava painting at the 2016 International Watercolor Society Biennial.


4 responses to “Igor Sava”

  1. Hi Charley,
    Just chipping in with a watercolour artist I happened upon..his name is Karl Martens. A bit of a showman, a bit full of himself, but paints birds in an extraordinary way. You can find him on Google or youtube. You may already know of him…if so my apologies !
    Always look forward to your new discoveries.

  2. Sherrill Avatar

    I really like his work, Charley! Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Charley, another great post. I was wondering if it bothers anyone else that the buildings are not level- particulary in the the 3rd image down?

    1. I took is as having a casual, sketch-like quality, but you’re right, the perspective does not appear to be accurate.