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Rembrandt Peale’s portraits of Thomas Jefferson

Prtrait of Thomas Jefferson, Rembrandt Peale
Rembrandt Peale was named by his father, pioneering American artist Charles Wilson Peale, after a famous European artist from the past, like his brothers Raphaelle Peale, Rubens Peale and Titian Peale.

Like his father, Rembrandt Peale painted important figures of the American Revolution, who they associated with at the time, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He painted the portrait of Thomas Jefferson at top here in Philadelphia in 1800, when the city was the temporary capital of the young nation, and Jefferson was Vice President to John Adams.

The second portrait was painted in D.C. at the White House in 1805, at the end of Jefferson’s first term as president.

Both paintings are in the collection of the White House.

There is a high res image of the first on Google Art Project, with a downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons. That image appears overly dark compared to the image on the White House Historical Association; and there is also a somewhat lighter but lower resolution images on Wikimedia. I’ve lightened the large image to be closer to the other.


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  1. Ælle Avatar

    Jefferson’s portrait was a gift of Mr & Mrs Paul Mellon.

    More than 1,000 works of art given by Paul Mellon (1907 – 1999) and his wife Bunny (Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd) form an extraordinary legacy. In addition, he generously contributed funds for acquisitions, education, archives, and the Gallery’s Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts.