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Randall Graham

Randall Graham, still life

Randall Graham, still life, landscape, plein air en rain air

Randall Graham is a painter based in southeastern Pennsylvania who isn’t reluctant to experiment with variations in style. His approach ranges from straightforward realism to highly textural surfaces to the semi-abstraction of a series that he calls “en rain air”, plein air paintings done in the rain through the blur of raindrops on the window of his van.

He has been experimenting lately with the highly textural approach made possible by combining oil paint with cold wax medium. There is an article on Artists on Art and a short video on YouTube that go into his process.

Graham leads workshops and classes, both in his studio in West Chester, PA, and on location in plein air.

Randall Graham’s work will be on display in a show that begins tonight, October 25, 2018 and runs to November 17th, at Gallery 222 in Malvern, PA.


One response to “Randall Graham”

  1. Rain has been one of the most popular subjects of art painting. Artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and many others found rain as perfect subject for their paintings.
    Randall explained:
    ” …. and it was raining really hard one day but that was in my
    schedule. I had to paint that day so it was a monsoon.
    I was actually driving into West Chester and I was going
    to paint in the parking garage and then…
    sitting at a traffic light I was just kinda like this looks nice.
    I’ll try it and it was really just a whim. I didn’t think too
    much about it.
    You know, turned it in and it sold really fast. It won an
    award. I was like, oh maybe I’ll do this again, so now
    I’ve been getting better at it and really love exploring
    different raindrops, different scenes so…
    yeah, it was very serendipitous.
    This allows me to really
    just kinda nerd out as an artist and look at the different
    light within each little tiny raindrop. Where the light’s
    hitting it…
    and each little raindrop has the whole world so it’s fun
    to really just focus in and get all that.”

    But why does it have to be so wet?

    This is nonetheless so interesting, thanks.