Skip Whitcomb

Skip Whitcomb, plein air landscape painting

Skip Whitcomb, plein air landscape painting

Colorado painter Skip Whitcomb was trained in figure study and illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, but when he turned his attention to painting full time, he found his inspiration in landscape.

His paintings revel in the light and textures of the visual world, rendered in both oil and pastel. Shadows and reflections often play a key role in his compositions, as to repeated elements and the contrasts between strong and muted value relationships.

I particularly enjoy his scenes of water, both moving and still.

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  1. I have admired his work for years, esp the pastels. I love the ones on the handmade paper. It looks like he brushed some kind of ground on the paper. I will try experimenting with that. Thanks for this post!!

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