Fritz Baumgarten

Fritz Baumgarten, classic illustrations

Fritz Baumgarten, classic illustrations

Fritz Baumgarten was a German children’s book illustrator active in the early to mid part of the 20th century.

He illustrated numerous books, primarily in Germany, working in a nicely finessed combination of ink and watercolor.

Baumgarten had a knack for blending the commonplace with the fantastic, putting his elf-like characters and anthropomorphized creatures into scenes of activities that might otherwise seem quite ordinary.

Many of his portrayals of the forest floor are nicely naturalistic.

I haven’t been able to find many sources for his images, but I’ve included links to a few, below. I’ll also provide a link to a Google image search, with the size filter set to “large”, and some books available on Amazon (most appear to be German language editions).


Eye Candy for Today: Joaquim Vancells, “February”

February, Joaquim Vancells, landscape painting

February, Joaquim Vancells, landscape painting, details

February, Joaquim Vancells

Oil on canvas, roughly 40 x 60 inches (104 x 155 cm)

Link is to zoomable image on Google Art Project, downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Catalonian painter Joaquim Vancells invites us into a quiet forest landscape in the heart of winter. I like the way the details of sticks, leaves and undergrowth ground us in the environment, while the meandering path in center invites us farther into the misty depths of the woodland.