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Art podcast lists, photo by Marco Verch

I haven’t listened to enough art podcasts to give many first hand reports, so I offer you a list of lists of art podcasts, many of which give good capsule descriptions of the podcasts.

Yes, there is a good bit of overlap between the lists, but you should be able to find something that suits you.

Personally, I’ve been listening to the Plein Air Podcast on Outdoor Painter while I paint. It features interviews with notable artists, as does The Artful Painter Podcast, which seems to be left off most lists for reasons that escape me.


6 responses to “A list of art podcast lists”

  1. Thank you for these lists. I’m not sure why they all leave my podcast The Artful Painter off of their lists. The artists I’ve interviewed so far have a lot of great info to share. I think other artists will be inspired by what my guests have to say.

    1. Thanks, Carl. I don’t know why it’s being missed by the lists, either, since it looks excellent to me. I’ve added mention of it to the article, and added it to my personal list.

  2. Tomasz Brymora Avatar
    Tomasz Brymora

    Thank you for the treasure trove!

    1. Thanks, Tomasz. Glad you can enjoy it!

  3. Thank you, Charley! I appreciate your support.

  4. Thank you now if I can get my three little boys to be quiet for 10 min I am going to love listening to some of these!