Eye Candy for Today: Summer Evening by Emile Claus

Summer Evening by Emile Claus

Summer Evening by Emile Claus

Summer Evening (Soir´e D’ét), Emile Claus

Roughly 38 x 51 inches (98 x 130 cm); link is to Wikimedia Commons; original is in a private collection.

19th/20th century Belgian painter Emile Claus gives us a beautifully evocative impression of a summer evening.


Kelsey Beckett

Kelsey Beckett is a Michigan based illustrator and gallery artist. In the work on her website she focuses on portrayals of young women dressed in sometimes elaborate clothing with the visual interest of lots of drapery folds, layers and patterns, and often accompanied by floral elements.

Her faces are stylized and rendered with restrained modeling, usually limited to the edges and directly around the features, giving them a nicely graphic appeal.

There is a certain feeling of design to her compositions that I find reminiscent of Art Nouveau without being directly related to that genre.

Beckett works in both acrylic and oil. In the videos on her YouTube channel — many of which are of her process — you will also find some speed paintings in gouache and mixed media.

Beckett’s work is also on display as part of a virtual exhibit (in place of the scheduled physical one) at Corey Helford Gallery, that runs until April 11, 2020.