Marla Greenfield

Marla Greenfield

Marla Greenfield

Though she also paints landscapes, interiors and architectural subjects, Massachusetts based watercolor painter Marla Greenfield has a particular focus on still life and florals.

Her still life subjects are often presented in compositions that bring them close and have a dynamic that sets parts of objects on the painting’s edge, partially out of view. If not done carefully, this could lead a viewer’s attention out of the image, but Greenfield handles it with apparent ease, unerringly bringing your eye back into the composition.

All of her subjects are presented with crisp clarity, bright but naturalistic color and strong value relationships.

In addition to the gallery of images on her website, you can also find a portfolio of her work on Artwork Archive, where they are presented with information on availability and price.

Artwork Archive

Auguste Toulmouche

Auguste Toulmouche

Auguste Toulmouche

Auguste Toulmouche was a French academic painter noted for his idealized portraits of high society women, arrayed in finery and posed, usually full length, amid sumptuous surroundings.

For most of his career, Toulmouche was highly regarded and popular. He studied with Charles Gleyre, to whose atelier he would later recommend the young Claude Monet.

Ironically, it was the revolution in artistic sensibilities brought about by Monet (to whom Toulmouche was a cousin by marriage) and the Impressionist painters (the first three of whom initially met in Gleyre’s studio) that would cause the work of Toulmouche and others in similar genres to fall from critical favor.

Eye Candy for Today: Theodore Rousseau landscape

The Edge of the Woods at Monts-Girard, Fontainebleau Forest, Théodor Rousseau

The Edge of the Woods at Monts-Girard, Fontainebleau Forest, Théodor Rousseau (details)

The Edge of the Woods at Monts-Girard, Fontainebleau Forest, Théodor Rousseau, oil on wood, roughly 32 x 48 inches, (80 x 122 cm), in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has zoomable and downloadable versions of the high-res image.

Rousseau was one of the primere painters of the Barbizon School, painting in the nearby Forest of Fontainebleau.

This is a prime example of his paintings of the area, a wonderful contrast of light and dark and a beautifully balanced composition. I love in particular the studied variation of cloud types in the sky.