Eye Candy for Today: Hiroshi Yoshida watercolor

Hiroshi Yoshida watercolor, Autumn in a Japanese Village

Hiroshi Yoshida watercolor, Autumn in a Japanese Village (details)

Autumn in a Japanese Village, Hiroshi Yoshida; watercolor on paper, roughly 13 x 20 in. (33 x 50 cm); link to image is on Ukiyo-e Search; I don’t know the location of the original.

Hiroshi Yoshida was a Japanese artist active the early to mid 20th century. He is known primarily for his extraordinarily beautiful woodblock prints in the shin-hanga style that show his affection for both the traditions of both Japanese and Western art.

It is much less often the we see examples of his direct watercolor paintings. In this wonderful example, he takes advantage of atmospheric and textural effects that are difficult to achieve in woodblock printing.


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