Gilbert Gorski

Gilbert Gorski
Gilbert Gorski

Gilbert Gorski is a Pennsylvania based artist who is also a practicing architect. Gorski’s paintings diverge from his architectural background and focus on natural subjects.

His approach is a fascinating variation on techniques employed by the impressionist and Post-Impressionist Pointillist painters, using thousands of tiny daubs of paint that blend visually to create images that appear naturalistic from a normal viewing distance.

Within this technique Gorski employs appealing variations in color, while keeping his value masses intact; the effect is a wonderful combination of broken color and visual texture.

On his website, you can find examples of his landscape paintings, as well as sections devoted to book illustration and watercolors that show his architectural background. There is also figurative work and a section for drawings and prints that focus on cityscapes, both real and invented, and explorations of imagined geometric structures.

Gorski is also the author of a book titled Hybrid Drawing Techniques: Design Process and Presentation ( link).

Gilbert Gorski’s paintings are currently on view in a solo exhibition at Principle Gallery, Alexandria titled “The Memory of Trees”.


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  1. Perfect for this time of year when most of the leaves are down (at least in Western Massachusetts), but not all. I have thought of it as Klimt time. Now I can see it is Gorski time also!

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