James Skvarch (update)

James Skvarch, etchings
James Skvarch, etchings

James Skvarch is an artist I featured back in 2007. He is primarily a printmaker working in traditional methods of etching. He uses to advantage the characteristics of etching that allow for delicate lines and hatching for tones. When printed on cream or off-white paper, these provide a visually appealing controlled contrast.

His website galleries are divided into sections for Landscapes, Interiors, Ships, Cars, and “Caprices” or imaginary structures; the latter inspired by the architectural fantasies of Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

There is also a section for “Paintings”, though the ones shown are few and older. There seems to be a bit of a disconnect in that regard between his website and his Facebook page, which features more recent paintings (images above, bottom).

As much as I enjoy his etchings of caprices, I admire even more his landscapes and interiors, which capture a sensation of light, place, and the texture of materials and objects.

I particularly enjoy his etching of Fort Herkimer Church (images above, top, with detail), in which he incorporates a landscape showing the exterior of the church into his drawing of the building’s interior.


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