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Hopper in Paris

Hopper in Paris. paintings
Hopper in Paris. paintings

When Edward Hopper was in his early twenties, he lived in Paris for a year, and later returned on several occasions. He painted and sketched while he was there, as well as being exposed to art and artists he might not have encountered otherwise, laying the groundwork for his developing signature style.

Hopper in Paris” was a recent show at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, consisting of paintings on loan from the extensive collection of the Whitney Museum in NY.

The Phillips Collection’s online presence for the exhibit unfortunately seems limited to one of those annoying “virtual gallery” interfaces, in which you must drag and click, drag and click, drag and click just to get a view of an individual image. I thought we had gotten rid of these gimmicks back in the 90s, but they’re apparently back thanks to the popularity of VR.

Fortunately, there are better places to view the images, such as this article on Fine Art Connoisseur, and this one on France Amérique.