Some early work by M.C. Escher

Some early work by M.C. Escher
Some early work by M.C. Escher

Many people are aware of the graphic work of Dutch printmaker M.C. Escher that bends logic and presents mind-boggling visions of impossible worlds and structures. Fewer have seen many of his earlier works, that are much more straightforward and “possible” (if sometimes fanciful).

Here are a few examples.

For more images and info, see my previous posts on M.C. Escher.


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  1. Thanks for posting these, Charley. Beautiful work!!
    But I have to correct you on this one. Escher wasn’t German, but Dutch. Definitely Dutch. He was born in Leeuwarden (which is in the north, in Friesland) and he died in Hilversum (in the centre of our country).

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