Eye Candy for Today: Adrianus Eversen cityscape

Adrianus Eversen cityscape
Adrianus Eversen cicyscape

A cityscape by Adrianus Eversen.

The only examples I’ve found of this image are on Pinterest, so I don’t know the title, size or present location of the original. I found this copy of the image from this poster.

However, I like it a lot, so I felt it worth posting. I don’t care if he painted every brick; I don’t care if the fugures are wooden and look more like architectural accessories than people, I’m just a sucker for this kind of late 19th century cityscapes.

I think it’s my fascination with visual texture that draws me into these — that and the sense of atmosphere. For all it’s complexity, the values, colors, and the feeling of time and place all work harmoniously and look great to my eye.


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