Stephanie Law

Stephanie Law
Stephanie Law

Stephanie Law is a watercolor painter from California. Her work ranges from straightforward botanical art to fantastical imaginings with a botanical feel, to stylized animal and plant forms, to fairie images that evoke a feeling of 19th century European illustrators like Rackham and Dulac.

Her watercolor paintings often incorporate elements of metal leaf and ink, and they are sometimes set off in custom frames that she forms into stylized dimesional elements complementary to her images.

Many of her works are circular in shape. I’m not sure if this is for a reason other than a fondness for that form on her part. Most are part of a series.

Her website features galleries in a number of clategories. There is also a store with prints, original art, books and other items. In addition, there is a set off section of her site devoted to her botanical art.

Law has a YouTube channel that features videos of her process.


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