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Eye Candy for Today: Louise Jopling domestic scene

Blue and White, Louise Jopling
Blue and White, Louise Jopling (details)

Blue and White, Louise Jopling, oil on canvas, roughly 49 x 34 inches (123 x 86 cm). Link is to Wikimedia Commons; the page indicates the original is in the Liverpool Museums, but I can’t find mention of it on their site.

Louise Jopling was a Victorian era painter and apparently well known, though I haven’t found many images of her work on the web.

Here she gives us a quiet domestic scene. Two women are apparently washing dishes — though they’re hardly dressed for the chore. Perhaps they’ve stopped in the middle of a dinner party to ready up some additional dishes for another course?

Note the attention paid to the blue and white Dellftware and other dishes and pottery, hence the painting’s name.

I like the way Jopling has indicated the textures of the womens’ hair and the material of their gowns.

Link: Blue and White, Wikimedia Commons