Franklin Booth (update)

Franklin Booth was a great American Illustrator and one of art history’s masters of the medium of pen and ink. Booth grew up on a farm in Indiana in the late 1800’s. Innocently misunderstanding the printing technology of the time, he developed his style by copying what he thought were pen and ink illustrations in […]

Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth owed his amazing style of pen and ink drawing to ignorance. Booth was one of the greatest American illustrators and one of the absolute masters of pen and ink drawing. His style was the result of an isolated childhood on an Indiana farm and an innocent ignorance of the printing technology of his […]

W. Heath Robinson (update)

William Heath Robinson, who signed his pictures “W. Heath Robinson”, was an English illustrator, cartoonist, author and watercolorist known in particular for his wry cartoons and his series of drawings depicting unlikely and complicated contraptions for accomplishing mundane tasks. Here in the U.S. we associate the latter with American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, but Robinson was […]

Bernie Wrightson

Bernie (Berni) Wrigntson was an American comics artist and illustrator known for his work on horror comics for DC Comics and Warren Publishing, on titles like Batman and, in particular, Swamp Thing. Bernie Writghtson died on Saturday at the age of 68. His work on Swamp Thing set new standards for horror comics art and […]

Nicolas Delort (update)

Nicolas Delort is a Canadian/French illustrator who I wrote about in early 2013, and featured in the article on contemporary ink artists I wrote for the Spring 2014 issue of Drawing Magazine. Since then, Delort has revised and updated his blog and website, adding a number of striking new images done in his beautiful ink […]

David Wyatt (update)

David Wyatt is a UK based illustrator working primarily in the fantasy genre for children’s books. Since I wrote about him in 2009, Wyatt has a new website and a new blog, along with, of course, lots of delightful new material online. In many of his feature illustrations, done in watercolor, Wyatt has a richly […]

Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort, a freelance illustrator based in Paris, creates wonderfully textural pen & ink (on scratchboard) illustrations that take inspiration from greats like Franklin Booth and Gustav Doré — with perhaps a bit of Joseph Clement Coll and Virgil Finlay thrown in for good measure. Delort’s website is essentially just a placeholder at the moment, […]

Robert Fawcett: The Illustrator’s Illustrator

Robert Fawcett, though quite successful and in demand, was not the most popular illustrator of his time or the highest paid. He was, however, probably the most respected (and perhaps envied), by his peers. Fawcett earned the appellation “the illustrator’s illustrator” from that admiration. Highly skilled, independently minded, and committed to quality and mastery in […]

Frank Brangwyn, R. A.: The Way of the Cross

When I first wrote in 2006 about Frank Brangwyn, the superbly accomplished painter, muralist, watercolorist, illustrator and printmaker, there were only a few scattered resources on the web, and very little in the way of available books or other printed material. Since then, more resources have become available on the web, and I’ve listed some […]

Peter Siu

In a way somewhat analogous Franklin Booth’s unintentional pen and ink imitation of engraved illustrations in the books of his time (the result of innocent ignorance of printing processes), contemporary illustrator Peter Siu deliberately uses pen and ink to emulate the visual charm and delicate detail of wood engravings. Though the process is reminiscent of […]

Yutang Yang

Chinese artist Yutang Yang draws intensely intricate pen and ink drawings of landscapes, in which his detailed approach creates evocative representations of the visual textures of trees, bark and grasses. This approach is particularly effective in his depictions of winter forest snow scenes, like Bewildering (image above, with detail, larger image here), in which the […]

Alex Niño

There are a number of strong communities of comics art (those of you in the expensive seats read: “graphic storytelling”) in various parts of the world, each with its own stylistic leanings. Some, like Japan, France and Belgium are more familiar to us here in the U.S. than others, like Italy, the UK, South America, […]