Dinotopia, First Flight: 20th Anniversary Edition

I received a review copy from Dover Books of James Gurney’s Dinotopia, First Flight: 20th Anniversary Edition, the newest in the series of 20th anniversary editions of Gurney’s contemporary classics. Ostensibly aimed at kids and adolescents, but delightful for adults as coffee-table art books, the series has been getting beautiful “20th Anniversary” treatment at the […]

Dinotopia: Art, Science and Imagination at Lyman Allyn Art Museum in CT

Long time readers of Lines and Colors will not be surprised that I am an admirer the work of illustrator/writer/painter James Gurney. (Let’s see.. beautifully painted illustration with influences from great 19th century artists and Golden Age illustrators, fantastical adventure stories with lushly imaginative settings, Hudson River valley landscape painting and plein air painting, and […]

Dinotopia 20th Anniversary Edition

Originally released 20 years ago, Dinotopia: A Land apart from Time was the first of artist/author James Gurney’s acclaimed and popular illustrated adventure story books placed in the same mythical land. Presented as an adventurer’s sketchbook, which the author has “found”, the story resonates with some of the sense of wonder and discovery to be […]

Gurney Journey at 10

Congratulations to James Gurney for 10 years of authoring his superb blog, Gurney Journey. What started as a modest intention to chronicle his travels on a book tour — in a way mirroring the journaled adventures of the character Authur Denison in Gurney’s popular illustrated adventure series, Dinotopia — has grown over time into not […]

Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist

There are hundreds of art instruction books out there, with a wide range of topics, approaches and degrees of value, but Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist by renowned painter, illustrator and Dinotopia artist James Gurney, is exceptional in several ways. Before I go too far, I’ll point out that although this is […]

Adam Brockbank

I can tell you little about Adam Brockbank, except that he is a film industry concept and storyboard artist, and quite a good one. His site doesn’t include any biographical information, but does, fortunately, showcase a number of his terrific concept paintings and drawings for movies like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, […]