Flesk Publications (update)

Flesk Publications is a small publisher specializing in art books, and particularly in titles that would be of interest to many lines and colors readers. I first wrote about Flesk two years ago as one of my first posts for lines and colors. At the time the focus of Flesk’s publishing efforts was on two […]

Flesk Publications

Flesk is a small publishing house that has issued wonderful collections of work from two of the best pen and ink illustrators in history: Joseph Clement Coll and Franklin Booth. Both are extraordinary in their own way. The site contains small galleries of both artists’ work. The work is reproduced at a smaller size than […]

Flesk Prime

I’ve written before about Flesk Publications, a small specialty art book publisher that concentrates on presenting illustrators and comics artists. Among the artists are many that I’ve featured here on Lines and Colors. Flesk has published a book called Flesk Prime in which five artists are highlighted in the same volume. Four are artists who […]

Franklin Booth (update)

Franklin Booth was a great American Illustrator and one of art history’s masters of the medium of pen and ink. Booth grew up on a farm in Indiana in the late 1800’s. Innocently misunderstanding the printing technology of the time, he developed his style by copying what he thought were pen and ink illustrations in […]

Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Volume 5

It’s customary for many comic book artists and illustrators to publish “sketchbooks”, collections of sketches and drawings of varying degrees of finish, which are frequently more of interest to their dedicated “must have anything” fans than to the more general readership. And then there’s Mark Schultz. Flesk Publications, a small artbook publisher who has a […]

Harvey Dunn

The great American illustrator Howard Pyle was influential both in his own work and as a teacher whose ranks of students contained a generation of America’s finest illustrators. Artists like N.C. Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, William James Aylward, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Violet Oakley, Maxfield Parrish, Ellen Thompson Pyle, Olive Rush, Phillip Goodwin, Stanley […]


Long time readers of Lines and Colors will know of my fascination with dinosaurs and paleo art, my fondness for science fiction and adventure stories and their accompanying illustrations, my admiration for the beautiful ink drawings of classic illustrators, the inspired adventure comic strips from the 1930’s and 1940’s that carried their traditions forward, and […]

Al Williamson Archives

It’s a fairly common practice among comics artists to publish “sketchbooks”, sometimes literally that, sometimes collections of more finished drawings. In them we can often see the artist at play, doing preliminary sketches for art from stories with which we’re familiar, indulging in imaginative flights of fancy, doodling, practicing and learning. Rarely do we get […]

Dinosaur Discoveries (William Stout)

This post finds me simultaneously elated and frustrated. I’m elated because, like many other fans of William Stout’s paleontological illustrations, I’ve been waiting several decades for a suitable follow-up to his terrific 1981 book The Dinosaurs. (There was an expanded update, The New Dinosaurs in 2000, that was welcome, but not the same as a […]

Al Williamson

Al Williamson is one of the unsung greats of comics art. Well, perhaps “undersung” is a better word (if it is a word), in that those aware of his contributions are usually great admirers, but his work is not as widely known among contemporary comics readers as it should be (not by a long shot). […]